[February 19th, 2019
We are devastated to learn of the passing of our dear Rodolfo - our gentle, full of life friend and our always so creative colleague.
It is an empty, deeply sad feeling for his loss.
We have him in our hearts and will surely honor him - our EFTA President - in Naples, in his beloved Italy.
The EFTA family]

What will you get by attending the EFTA-SIPPR conference in NAPLES in September 2019?

We have taken the concept of borders of change as our main thematic concept for the conference.
As therapists, clinicians and researchers witnessing all the social changes of the last century and of the beginning of the new millennium, what is now the core of our work, which are the borders of change in psychotherapy?

Can we still think of psychotherapy as the science of narratives and conversation or are there other tools and other borders we have to achieve? Other ways to introduce change should be produced and experimented? Do we have words for the changes we already are producing?
The contribution of writers and artists could help us clarify even better the functioning of our interventions, those often born from intuitions only partially explained by our usual theories and past procedures. Could wise men as writers give us some new reading keys?

In this conference we would like to enhance the vital aspects of our work, its artistic and creative feature, since relational and systemic grids are a guarantee of a generative and ethical stance. We will present the outcomes of our purposeful, serious, clinic-based researches.

Why have we chosen Naples?
Naples - as the name says (nea-polis) - is a new city, despite its antiquity. It’s not only a beautiful city. It’s  huge volcanic cone, it’s gulf full of seismic and radiant activities make this context and its population unique: vital, vibrant and theatrical, engaged and generous. Have a walk in the centre of the town and you will realize it. Naples has its own language with onomatopoeic and metaphoric words, made of gestures and jokes.

If you desire to prepare yourself a bit for this Neapolitan experience, we suggest you read the last masterpiece book which has conquered the world market: ‘’L’ amica geniale’’ (My brilliant friend) written by Elena Ferrante and its tetralogy translated in 40 languages and represented in a TV series.
You will fall for the story for sure. Do not worry, we have organized some visits (leisure time) to the most famous places the book describes.

Yes. Visible and Invisible, like in his unique way “our” painter Gennaro Regina has expressed the Volcano, which becomes a brain made up by hands that build relationships in the canvas he has painted for our conference.

Come to live with us this exciting experience. At home they will think you are attending a scientific conference but perhaps once you will come back, they will ask themselves and you what has changed you so much.

Looking forward to meeting you in Naples,

The President and the Board of EFTA and SIPPR


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