Artist: Gennaro Regina


This original painting by artist Gennaro Regina is the inspiration for the conference logo. Combining the image of Vesuvius with an image of the human brain constructed of a system of interlocking hands. Rodolfo De Bernart and Rossella Aurilio chose this painting to represent the aims of the conference. Logo design is based on the basic paintings’ elements such as the dominant volcano, landmark of the host city, the hand cluster-brain capture and the prevailing colours.


For any further questions regarding the EFTA2019 please contact:

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Email: efta2019naples@symvoli.gr
T. +30 2310 433099
F. +30 2310 433599
Local Partner for Italian schools, accommodation, tours and social programme you may contact:

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Email: info@epcongressi.it
tel./fax +39 081 0320634


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